Friday, March 14, 2014

to touch the heart - Dim Sum

Ever wanted to try a bite size order of everything off a menu? Dim Sum brunch could quite possibly be your ticket.

Every weekend our specialty Dim Sum chefs arrive at our Bellevue kitchen ready to prepare for two days of festivities. They unpack their knives, grab ingredients for the day, and create individually stuffed dumplings, and other goodies, ready to be steamed or baked for groups gathering over brunch.

Originally a Cantonese custom, Dim Sum brunch is a weekly tradition for many families and showcases many flavors that satisfy each group members' taste buds.

For the sweet and savory fans ::: barbeque pork stuffed baked hum bao pastries 

For vegetarian friendly fans :::  vegetables wrapped in a spinach infused dumping with sweet pan fried kabocha squash dumpling   

To satisfy a sweet tooth ::: steamed brown sugar sponge Malay cake 

Weekend dim sum hours: 11 am to 3 pm Saturday and Sunday at our Bellevue location

Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Valley Vineyard

In celebration of Washington Wine Month, join Spring Valley Vineyards' winemaker, Serge Laville, as he explores a selection of his wine portfolio paired with Southeast Asian cuisine on March 19th, at 6PM, at Wild Ginger in Seattle. $95 for the night, not including tax of gratuity - space is limited, call 206.623.4450 to make a reservation 

Spring Valley Vineyards is one of Washington's few true estate wineries, and produces a family of highly acclaimed, estate grown and bottled wines from the land that the Corkrum and Derby families have farmed for over a century.