Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wild Ginger Does Seattle Restaurant Week

This year, Wild Ginger decided to explore the tastes, textures and smells of Seattle Restaurant Week Spring 2012. With 150 different restaurants to choose from, it was impossible to get to them all, however, we happily hit up some neighborhood favorites and here's our recap.

A big ole heap of fresh clams and mussels

Chocolate cream explosion with all the crunchy, ooey-gooey makings complete with a steal mini-pitcher filled with chocolate fudge sauce

(we had fun with this one)

We were mesmerized by the vibrant purple romaine salad with chèvre and pine nuts and steak tartare with arugula and egg yolk on a bread canoe.

But the rhubarb, anise and hyssop tart was the best part of it all

Mad Hatcher Farmers chicken w/ mole negro, ricotta and cilantro

Stunning passion fruit terrine, with citrus pavlova, garnished with sweet pickled ginger and drizzled with cilantro syrup.

(it's all about the cilantro)

The cornmeal-crusted catfish sandwich balanced with cajun spices, shredded romaine, and remoulade was pure crunchy, spicy goodness.

The Pacific Northwest foliage you fearfully avoided as a child, nettles, turned into a earthy pesto and doused on house-made cavatelli sprinkled with a generous portion of fresh peas and burrata cheese.

We couldn't fully experience Seattle Restaurant Week without trying our exclusively designed dessert, a delicate, yet rich, orange cheesecake on cardamom graham cracker crust with roasted pineapple and drizzled in caramel sauce.

After meandered through pages of menus, licking the sweet and savory remnants off numerous forks and spoons, and relishing seemingly endless courses, a content Wild Ginger says a heatfelt, "thank you."