Thursday, February 13, 2014

valentine wine pairings

Love comes in many varieties, with an even more abundant variety of ways to express it. On a day dedicated to all forms of love - Valentine's Day - we'd like to help you pair your expression of love with a few of the wine varietals we love

If this Valentine's Day you plan on sharing your feelings with a crush, we recommend doing so while drinking a glass of something exciting - Procesco. The evanescent bubbles tingling your mouth will be reminiscent of the exciting feeling you get right before telling your crush what you think of them. Surprising and exhilarating, each sip of Procesco will be fresh and lively. 
Selection from Wild Ginger's wine list:
Case Bianche Procsecco Superiore Extra Dry, NV, Conegliano Valdobbiadene, Italy 38

For the frisky Valentine's date established on a not-too-serious mindset, we recommend a cheerful Beaujolais. With a playful bubblegum character, Beaujolais is juicy and fun with no bitterness. 
Selection from Wild Ginger's wine list:
Trenel Chermette, 2011, Beaujolais, France 48

Spending your first Valentine's Day together as a couple? We say pick a light and exciting wine that has the potential to last for years, but can be shared in this moment. We recommend a charming and robust Pinot Noir. With a supple and bright personality, Pinot Noir will pair beautifully with the hearty possibilities of the blooming future.  
Selection from Wild Ginger's wine list:
Anam Cara Nicholas Estate, 2012, Yamhill-Carlton, OR 78
Stoneburn, 2011, Marlborough, New Zealand 41
Walter Scott La Combe Verte, 2010, Willamette Valley, OR 59
Maison Roche de Bellenne Vieilles Vignes, 2010, Bourgogne, France 51

If it feels like the first time this Valentine's Day, but you've been expressing your love for years now, we recommend a familiar and unwavering Syrah. Like a love that has lasted throughout the years, Syrah is luscious, bright and textured in character.
Selection from Wild Ginger's wine list:
L'Ecole N 41, 2009, Columbia Valley, Wa 52
Betz Family Winery La Sereene, 2008, Yakima Valley, Wa 88
Owen Roe Lady Rosa, 2010, Yakima Valley, Wa 77
Domaine Faury, 2006, Saint Joseph, France 66
Guillaume Gilles, 2007, Cornas, France 85

Bordeaux - one of the most timeless varietals would pair sweetly for Vintage Valentine's. Built for time, Bordeaux is rich, deep and enduring while expressing a long and strong tradition. Similar to a vintage love, Bordeaux ages miraculously. 
Selection from Wild Ginger's wine list:
Cadence Coda, 2011, Red Mountain, Wa 59
Le Ringue, 2011, Bordeaux, France 38
Grand Bateau, 2011, Bordeaux, France 45
Château Fonplégade, 2006, St-émillion Grand Cru Classé, Bordeaux, France 78

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