Monday, August 27, 2012

For our gluten-free foodies...

Finding a satisfying meal, and remaining gluten-free, is not a simple task while dining out. We have more than a handful of gluten-free menu items and have put together a complete list, for your convenience, here:


Siam Lettuce Cup ~ Morsels of grilled fish with roasted peanuts, Thai basil, lime juice, chili and tamarind on butter lettuce

Soups & Salads...

Laksa ~ a spicy seafood bouillabaisse from Malaysia, fresh fish, sea scallops and local mussels with cucumbers, bean sprouts and rice noodles in a coconut broth

Green Papaya Salad ~ shredded green papaya and carrots, aromatic Southeast Asian herbs, fried shallot and peanuts, in a fresh lemon dressing

Squash & Sweet Potato ~ Vietnamese vegetarian stew of sweet potato and kabocha squash with bean curds, tapioca shreds and bean thread noodles

Chicken Chieu ~ thinly sliced cabbage, shredded chicken, red onion, carrots, peanuts and aromatic herbs tossed with a slightly spicy Vietnamese dressing

An Indonesian word meaning skewered and grilled. Our satays are grilled to order and served with a rice cake and pickled cucumbers.

Lemongrass tofu ~ locally made tofu with hints of chili served with a roasted shallot dipping sauce

Nam's Prawns ~ grilled and served with our chef's exceptional Cambodian dipping sauce

Bangkok Boar ~ Kurobuta pork grilled and served with golden raisin plum sauce

Thai Chicken ~ minced with green curry paste, fresh coconut, lime leaf and fried shallot. Served with green
curry sauce for dipping

Market Vegetable ~ Daily selections of grilled fresh vegetables basted with orange teriyaki sauce

Main dishes...

Panang Beef Curry ~ Slices of flank steak in coconut milk spiced with cardamom, coriander, galangal, Thai basil and peanuts

Green Curry Chicken ~ A classic Thai curry chicken with green chili and galangal. Finished with a touch of coconut milk

Hanoi Tuna ~ Fresh sashimi grade ahi tuna marinated in tumeric and seared rare with shallots and garlic served with almonds, dill and scallion oil

Rama Setu ~ named from the ancient land bridge that connects India to Sri Lanka, this red curry dish features eggplant, lemongrass tofu, sweet potato, daikon, red onion, and curry leaf.

Seabass (certified sustainable) ~ Pan-fried and topped with aromatic Southeast Asian herbs and crushed peanuts

Thai Spicy Clams
Locally grown Mediterranean mussels :::
Cambodian ~ turmeric, lime leaf, galangal, lemongrass, Thai chilies and coconut milk
Rayong ~ spicy Thai coconut curry sauce with galangal and pineapple

Our complete dinner menu here>>

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