Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Specialty Lamb Dishes at Wild Ginger

We're creating three house-made, speciality dishes using whole, organic lamb that is fresh from Shibui Farms in our backyard on Vashon Island. Each succulent lamb dish will integrate the authentic cooking styles, flavors and aromas of Southeast Asia.  

Indonesian Roast Lamb tenderloin marinated in cinnamon, coriander, cumin, garlic, shallots and sweet soy for two days, a lamb tenderloin is then roasted and served with exotic, aromatic rice and Indonesian soy lime dipping sauce. 

Rogan Josh, a Malay curry dish, will include chunks of fresh lamb leg meat marinated in yogurt, red onions, nutmeg, and cardamon before being slow cooked with fresh tomatoes and served with aromatic rice.  

Last but not least, Singapore Lamb Soup will be made from a seasoned stock of lamb bones. This rich and enticing soup features heady lamb mingled with the flavors of curry leaf, clove, cinnamon, and revitalizing ginger in each bite.

These speciality dishes will be available until all three lambs have been gobbled up... We suggest coming in soon!

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