Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Autumn has arrived. While the leaves change from flourishing green to vibrant orange, yellow and vermillion red, people are starting to get ready for the cold of winter by seeping tea and baking treats. One of the most common spices used in these warming autumn favorites is clove. Wild Ginger uses this fragrant spice for it's rich scent and robust taste.

Indigenous to Indonesia, the clove tree is an evergreen that produces clusters of flower buds, which gradually change from a pale white to bright red making them ready for harvesting, once harvested the flower buds are then dried and used in cooking whole or in ground form.

Not a typical everyday spice, clove is sparingly added to a few select sweet and spicy dishes on the Wild Ginger menu, including the Monk's Curry, and the seasonally available Sri Lanka Pork.

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