Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer of Riesling 2011

At Wild Ginger & The Triple Door, we’re sure that there’s a place for nearly every kind of wine with our food, but if we were forced to pick just one, we’d pick Riesling. The vibrant citrus and stonefruit flavors, the bracing acidity, and the occasional hint of sweetness make our food, and our hearts, sing.

But why, you ask, do we need a “
Summer of Riesling”? The story began in 2008 at Paul Grieco’s East Village winebar Terroir. He decided to pour no white wine by the glass all summer except for Riesling . . . and rather than bankrupt his bar, as saner people suspected would happen, it turned into a really fun summer during which he turned a lot of people on to a wine he was passionate about – Riesling. He did it again in 2009, expanded his offerings, and received a visit from the German Wine Queen (really!). In 2010, Paul invited like-minded New York restaurateurs to join him, and in 2011 he got beyond his east coast bias and invited us (we knew he’d come to his senses).

We’ve lined up a ton of
Riesling related fun for you this summer, and hope that you will join in and let us convince you that Riesling isn’t just for ladies who lunch and wine snobs - though we’d love for more ladies to drink Riesling at lunch, and wine snobs are welcome!

Throughout the summer (June 21st – September 22nd) we will be offering a giant selection of earth-shatteringly good Riesling by the glass – something old (at least 12 years), something new, something unusual (like a ultra-brut sparkling Riesling), something blue (Dr. Loosen’s Graacher Himmelreich Stablay Kabinett made especially for Wild Ginger comes from only blue slate soil) and a whole lot of other great wines. There will be special informative (and interactive) Riesling lists, as well as special Riesling menus consisting of Wild Ginger delicacies paired perfectly with amazing Rieslings. And as if all that weren’t enough, Wild Ginger will be hosting an ever-expanding selection of events centering around Riesling, so keep checking back as we update the calendar. Summer of Riesling features and events will take place at
Wild Ginger Seattle, Wild Ginger at The Bravern, and The Triple Door.

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  1. Riesling is so perfect in the summer with its rich fruit flavors!